Artist Spotlight: Tonya Ellis

We met up with Whimsical jewelry maker Tonya Ellis to learn about her process and craft.

First off, can you tell us what it is that you make?

I create leather jewelry using leather tooling and metal smithing techniques 

What has your journey as an artist looked like?

Started about 7.5 years ago when I saw a rather expensive leather bracelet in one of those oh so trendy magazines and thought, I think I can make that!  Gathered my supplies and everyone loved it, and I began taking orders. 

Over the years I’ve worked on growing my skills by taking classes at The Sawtooth Center and good ole YouTube.

What is your favorite part about Whimsical Women?

The people are my favorite! From the customers to the amazing women that run it. It’s the sense of community and knowing that your tribe has your back and always willing to help. 

Where can people find your amazing work?

The Arts Place of Stokes, Wanderlust Boutique, Instagram (@adorneddarlingjewelry), and Facebook.

Tonya is just one of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family. 

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