Artist Spotlight: Sue Bang

We sat down with Whimsical artist Sue Bang to learn more about her one-of-a-kind pottery.

Tell us your artist story. How long have you been creating? What has your journey been like and how has your process evolved in that time? And what inspires you as an artist?

I’ve been getting muddy in clay for as long as I can remember. I think I made my first “face ashtray” when I was about 8 years old, I’m pretty sure my Mom still has it!! I am originally from Canada and have moved around a lot since I came to the US after marrying my husband Kris. Everywhere we’ve lived I always sought out a studio to work in clay, either hand building or wheel throwing. About 15 years ago I decided it was time to have a studio at my home. I am a very lucky woman as my husband is extremely supportive of my work, we worked together to set up a great studio with everything I needed. I can literally roll from my bed in my PJ’s to my wheel and get to work!

I have always said I could never be a production potter, someone who can make 100 of the exact same thing, I’d pull my hair out. So with my pottery you’ll find that most of my pieces are unique and one of a kind. I love texture and try to incorporate it and nature into all of my pieces. Pottery is meant to be touched and handled and I enjoy watching people pick it up and run their hands over it.

What do you love about Whimsical Women, or a favorite memory from a past show?

Whimsical Women brings joy to my heart for so many reasons. What I love the most is the warmth and love of all the Whimsical Women I see each year. The women in this show are not only talented artists but loving caring women. Most of them I only get to see once a year, so when show time comes its like visiting with long lost friends.

How can people find your amazing pottery (besides at your booth at the WW art show, of course!)?

I currently sell my work at art shows in the Raleigh/Wake Forest/ Winston Salem area. I also sell at Sugar Magnolias in historic downtown Wake Forest. So if you’re ever in Wake Forest be sure to visit Sugar Magnolias for some wonderful art and a glass of sweet tea.

Sue is just one of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family.

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