Artist Spotlight: Silo Knoll Pottery

We met up with whimsical ceramicists Casia Beck and Pam Taylor to learn more about their colorful ceramic art.

First off, what is Silo Knoll Pottery? Why do you both create?

Silo Knoll Pottery strives to create functional pottery that brings joy to each owner. We hand make and hand paint each piece, with aspects of nature, using contrasting colors and textures that are visually pleasing.    

Tell us a bit about how Silo Knoll came to be.

Silo Knoll Pottery is a team effort.  Casia Beck started doing pottery in high school. She can still remember the first day she sat down at the wheel. There is nothing like having your hands on clay and making something from nothing. As the years passed, Casia took classes here and there while her love to pottery grew more and more.  It was 3 years ago that she decide to do pottery full time.  At the time she was taking classes at Sawtooth School in downtown Winston-Salem.  As she got busy with shows she realized she needed help. Pam Taylor was in her class and Casia knew they would be the perfect fit team.  She asked Pam to come work for her and the rest is history.

They have been working together as a team for about 2 years now. Pam is a very gifted potter that teaches wheel throwing at Sawtooth. She got started in pottery as a way to have time to herself but soon that hobby turned into a passion.  The pair works together well because Casia loves painting and hand building pieces, while Pam loves to throw.  Their main influence for design is nature. Casia is constantly amazed at the way colors are arranged and displayed to give us joy. Her hope is that their pots will bring the same kind of joy.

What is your favorite part about Whimsical Women?

“My favorite part about WW is the people who come and support us. I have never been to a show where so many people support and really care about the artists. It is a joy and a blessing to be a part of the show.”

– Casia Beck

Where can folks find more information about your creations?

If you would like to see more of our pottery you can find us on Facebook under Silo Knoll Pottery or you can find us on Instagram @silo_knoll_pottery.

Casia & Pam are just two of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family.

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