Artist Spotlight: Nanette Gatti Davis

We sat down with whimsical jewelry maker and metal worker Nannette Davis to learn about her unique jewelry.

First off, can you describe in your own words what it is that you create?

I design and fabricate jewelry out of sterling silver, copper, nu-gold, brass and a variety of other materials. I love to do wire and bead work and often incorporate it into my pieces.

Tell us about your journey as an artist. How did you get started?

I am a North Carolina based artist and have been designing and fabricating in metals since 1991. After working with designers in Chicago I started creating my own collections. With training in Graphic Design and Jewelry Metalsmithing I combine my love of line, light, texture and form alongside a variety of techniques to create pieces that always seems to take on a tactile dimension in which one can see the layers of thought and manipulation of the materials that it took to get it into its final state. I have a passion for people, design in all forms, nature and nurturing. I am a metals design instructor at Sawtooth School for Visual Art.

Describe your favorite WW memory or moment.

My favorite memory of a Whimsical Women show is from way back on the farm. I had just moved to Winston-Salem from Colorado, knew no-one. A neighbor found out I was an artist and decided to invite me to ride along to go see this women’s art show “out at a farm”, I thought “WHAT???” I am always up for a good adventure so I joined her and a few of her friends. WOW…. Well need I say more… it blew me away, the setting was incredible, the women were kind and gracious, we spent hours there just talking, snacking, getting to know artists and buying art!  Still one of my best days yet! I told myself that one day I wanted to be part of this group, and life has brought me full circle!!

How can people find your amazing work?

I currently sell my work through Instagram and Facebook  (@NannetteDesign). I am also in the Davis Gallery Shop at Sawtooth School, and do several shows around Winston-Salem throughout the year.

Nannette is just one of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family.

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