Artist Spotlight: Melissa Vickers

We sat down with sewist Melissa Vickers to learn more about her sewing and success with “Mama Llama Originals.”

Tell us a little about what it is you create as an artist?

I am mainly a sewist.  My favorite medium to work with is fabric.  I sew all different types of goods, such as handbags, weighted blankets and lap pads, small accessories such as sunglass cases, tissue holders, coasters and more.  I also like to create art with alcohol inks when I have the time to play and experiment.

What is your process like, and how did you get started with sewing?

I began sewing around 9 years ago when my first daughter was born, hence the name Mama in my company name.  I am original from Bolivia, that’s where the connection to the Llama comes from.   I started sewing handbags as gifts and many people loved them and suggested I started selling them.  I began by using upcycled interior design fabric samples and created a signature look.  Around 2 years later I had my second daughter and had to take a break from creating in order to return to full-time motherhood.  Just recently, in the past 2 years, I have picked up sewing again and have decided to really push myself and learn more.  I continue to make handbags, which are my favorite things to create because they are wearable pieces of art in my opinion. 

“I am an interior designer and I love colors and fabrics.  I am always inspired by what combinations I can make work together.  My favorite thing about being an artist is creating beauty in the world.”

What is your favorite thing about Whimsical Women?

My favorite thing about Whimsical Women is the community.  All of the women who participate are amazing and talented artists.  And the women who come to shop really and truly appreciate the event and the artists themselves.  There isn’t another show like it in the area in my opinion that has quite the same following and loyalty.

Where can people find more of your work?

I have a website, Mama Llama Originals. I’m also on Facebook at Mama Llama Originals and on Instagram @mamallamaoriginals.

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