Artist Spotlight: Linda Palladino & Liz Kaplan

We sat down with well-known whimsicals, Linda Palladino (one of the original founders of WW with her sister, Luli) and Liz Kaplan (former WW Executive Committee member), to learn more about their amazing glass and metal art.

Tell us a little about what you do as artists.

We work with glass (Lizzie) and metal (Linda) and enjoy combining the delicateness of the glass with the sturdiness of the metal. Our work together is inspired by nature, objects we find, and treasures people share with us.

Tell us your “art story.” How did you get started in art, and how did your journey lead you to the work you create together today?

Linda’s Story: I began working with metal and welding after my Mom, an incredible artist herself, died. My sister, Luli, took up woodworking, and together we “created” our way through the grieving process. We began Whimsical Women as a tribute to our mom and her creative nature. We wanted to share our journey with other women who, like us, never had seen themselves as artists, but just wanted to take the chance and share their creativity. Whimsical women was born out of our grief, but has brought us more joy than we ever imagined. My metal work has evolved over the years, but the raw materials remain mostly found objects and recycled metal material.

Liz’s Story: My journey into the art world was much different. I saw the energy and fun that went into the art Linda and Luli created, and I wanted to know that feeling—-even though my parents never encouraged me to pursue anything artistic. I have always been intrigued by glass—the texture, the vibrant colors, the way the world looks through colorful glass. So I created a stepping stone made of glass and concrete to put in Linda’s backyard art show, and then was terrified to bring it to the show. The sisters took it, sold it, and I was hooked.

Working Together: Several years ago, Liz and I decided to “marry” our two mediums, and see what happened—-we were blown away by the limitless possibilities we could see when art pieces included both metal and glass. We have found that two heads and hearts of a forty plus year, amazing friendship are better than one at this point in our lives. While we will sometimes create pieces on our own, we much prefer working together.

What is your favorite WW memory or moment?

Linda: The giddy excitement—a Christmas morning feeling, the colorful tents and displays, and mostly the way that this show seems to bring out that community feeling among the artists. Whimsical Women has gone through many changes over the years, but somehow we have managed to keep that feeling alive, and that makes me happy.

Liz: I love Saturday morning the day of the show (around 5AM) when it is still hard to see. Just standing there and looking out over the ghost tents. It gives me a feeling of awe. Then slowly but surely the show comes to life. I love seeing the sun (yes sun, no rain please) start to shine, the tents open up, and the artists beginning to display their work. I love seeing artists greeting each other and the food arriving. I love feeling the energy flowing and watching the musicians setup… the sounds and sights of a Whimsical Women show once again getting ready to happen. There is nothing quite like it, and I will always remember those moments.

How can people find your incredible art?

Though we have no etsy shop or facebook page, most people who are interested in our art contact us the old-timey way: by phone or email.

Linda and Liz are just two of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family.

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