Artist Spotlight: Leslee Wright

We chatted with whimsical artist Leslee Wright to learn more about her beautiful works. Leslee is from Greensboro, North Carolina and she paints landscapes, beach scapes, florals and whimsical art in acrylic on canvas, paper and wood.

Please tell us how long you have been creating your work and a little about your process.

About 10 years ago I started painting  3 oil paintings of the Pisgah Forest area in western N.C. to display in our cabin. I progressed to acrylic art for the 2019 Whimsical Women Show. I have a collection of blank greeting cards featuring my photography of a variety of subjects from the US and in Ireland and Spain. 

Please tell us what inspires you as an artist? Nature, outdoor areas and colors inspire me the most. The subjects, painting style and use of color of other artists’ artwork inspire me as well.

What new work are you excited to showcase at the upcoming Whimsical Women Art Show? This year, I am showing my new product named “Horse and Thistle Arts”, which consists of  outdoor art for your porch, patio and barn using exterior deck and siding stain on a variety of sizes of found wood. My outdoor art, with more fluid color block lines,  is a fun alternative to barn quilt squares. 

Please tell us your favorite part of being involved with Whimsical Women? My favorite part of Whimsical Women is creating the art and imagining who might like each piece. I also love attending the show and wandering around to see all the variety of art and artists there is to see. 

Please share with us the ways we could see more of your artwork or where we could buy it. All of my art is available on commission. My artwork may be purchased at the show as well as online. I can be contacted at I am in the process of developing a facebook page named Horse and Thistle Arts. 

If you come to the next Whimsical Women Art Show stop by her booth to meet her adorable giant furry friend, Arlo!

Leslee is just one of our talented artists that make up the Whimsical Women Community.

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