Artist Spotlight: Kathleen Simon

We sat down with felt artist Kathleen Simon to learn more about her colorful, organic felted pieces.

Tell us a little about your process and what you create.

I create colorful, organic felted works through a process called wet felting. A friend introduced me to wet felting and I was immediately hooked.With the never-ending varieties of wool, silk, and bamboo fibers each piece turns out very unique.

My vessels and wall hangings are definitely organic with the interactions of colors being the main theme. Adding locks, beading, leather, and driftwood completes each piece. In addition silk and nepps are always in there somewhere.

The sparkle and glamour of my scarves and flowers brings out the glitzy side of my personality. Everything I make that is wearable is made with as little wool and as much soft tussah silk and still hold firmly together for years.

Can you share a bit about your “artist’s journey?” Where do you find your inspiration?

My real ‘artistic awakening’ happened 38 years ago when I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico for the first time. As if the colors in nature were not enough, every artist caught my eye with their use of color.

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