Artist Spotlight: Judith Long

We met up with Whimsical soap maker Judith Long to learn about her process and craft.

First off, can you describe in your own words what you create and what inspires you to create?

I have been handcrafting soaps and skin care products since 1998. In 2016, Morgan, my daughter, joined Long Family Farm, LLC after earning her Business Major at UNCG. We started with our Peppermint soap and have expanded to our current line.  Each soap or skin care product was developed with a need in mind: our shampoo bar, FACE soap, Judith’s unscented soap, etc.

What is your favorite part about Whimsical Women, or can you share with us a fond WW memory?

We love that Whimsical Women is a grass roots organization, started by Luli and Linda – in honor of their mother, that has grown to the hugely successful event that it is today.  In many ways, it represents each of us artists and our paths.

Where can folks find your soaps and bath products? – our soaps can be purchased online.  We also have a page on our website that list retail locations (we have 4) and our upcoming shows and events.  Click on the Locations page! And of course, you can find us at the Whimsical Women art show!

Judith is just one of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family. 

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