Artist Spotlight: Jean Denson

We sat down with felt artist Jean Denson to learn more about her wearable, colorful felted art.

Tell us a little about what it is you create as an artist?

I make felted items, using merino wool, alpaca, mohair fiber, dog hair and other fibers to create wearable, usable and artistic felted items.  No two felted pieces are alike, each felted piece has unique characteristics of color and texture even when I create the same types of items.  

What is your process like, and how did you get started experimenting and creating with felt and fiber?

I started felting when I took a wet felting class at John C Campbell School 3 years ago to make felted shoes (the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever had!). The process of taking fiber (various types of hair), laying the hair out to create a felted piece, then turning the hair into fabric is fascinating to me!  The felted piece can be made by using water and agitation, or by using needles to make a fabric.  The possibilities are endless!  I love to make wearable items, such as ponchos, scarves and hats, but I also enjoy making 3d animals as well as 2d pictures.  Color is one of the factors that inspire me, I love color!  And I love to experiment with different textures. 

What is your favorite part about Whimsical Women?

Whimsical Women is such a fun show, the artistry is varied and so beautiful.  It’s a tribute to women artists and I feel so honored to be a part of the Whimsical Women community!

How can people find more of your funky felted art?

I don’t have a website or a dedicated Facebook page to showcase my felted work, but I can be reached through messenger on Facebook or by email to buy or have a commission piece done.

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