Artist Spotlight: Barbara Campbell

We sat down with potter Barbara Campbell to learn more about her nature-inspired ceramic art.

Tell us your “artist’s story.” How did you come to make art and what does your process look like?

The Wood ‘n’ Potter started to take form ten years ago when my husband Bob and I retired from our corporate careers.  Although I have been making pottery for about 20 years, I expanded my pottery to a more serious art.  Along with thrown pieces, my focus has been to refine by hand-building technique.   Lately I have been working in series.  I’ve created a hummingbird design, a dragonfly design, and a bird nest design.  All my pieces are from original designs I create.  Some pieces are a collaboration with my husband who is a wood turner.  I might make a vase and Bob will create a unique base.  Since retirement, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively.  I am inspired by the places I visit and often include the natural elements from my travels in my designs.  I believe my love of nature and my ability to translate this passion makes me the potter I am today.

What is your favorite part of Whimsical Women?

Although I have been a member of Whimsical Women for a number of years, this will be my first show.  Over the years I have participated in  a number of festivals and the best part is the camaraderie with other artists and the opportunity to tell customers about the pieces I made.  The connection between the customer and me is important to me.  I have had pieces go to other countries and I have had pieces commemorate special occasions.  All this inspires me as an artist.

Where can folks find your amazing ceramic art?

You can find pictures of my work and a calendar of festivals where you can find me on my website:  I also sell my work at The Coffee Mill in Lewisville.

Barbara is just one of of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family. 

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