Artist Spotlight: Ann Potter

We sat down with Whimsical artist Ann Potter to learn more about her colorful fiber art.

How long have you been making your art?

It has taken me a while to call myself an artist. I started out as farmer. My family had several llamas, then more llamas, then a few sheep, then angora mohair goats, then alpacas. So, what to do with all that fiber? I birth, raise, and shear my own animals. I wash and process the fiber, dye it, spin it, and then make unique items of clothing from it. I stick mainly to smaller items such as hats, scarves, cowls, and shawls. I love color and texture, so my clothing items tend to be unique and colorful. Perhaps, at times, over the top! So after I was spinner, and a fiber processer, and a dyer, and then making all these things, all of a sudden, I realized . . . I am a fiber artist! Working with all fiber is my happy place. I find it very relaxing, meditative, and fun.

What do you love about Whimsical Women, or a favorite memory from a past show?

Whimsical Women has been a special part of my life for many years. My children were in Luli’s Kindergarten class! I remember when the shows were at Ellen Bonnet’s home and there were 5-8 vendors. I love that the show has grown and that we continue to be able to honor Luli and Linda’s dream of honoring their mother.

How can folks find your beautiful, unique pieces?

I sell items from my beautiful farm at the base of Pilot Mountain and at several small shows a year. However, I save my best for Whimsical Women! My first love.

Ann Potter is just one of many amazing women that make up the Whimsical Women family.

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