Artist Spotlight: Pam Fish

We had a chance to catch up with fiber artist Pam Fish, who creates beautiful pieces with a variety of macrame and weaving techniques.

Can you share with how you started your artistic journey and a little about your creating process?

I began weaving and doing macrame while in college. I eventually lost touch with the craft over the years but reconnected with it in 2013. I didn’t have extra money to spend on Christmas presents so decided that I would weave everyone a wall hanging for their gift. I brought in materials sourced from local thrift stores and nature that I found in the neighborhood including crushed soda cans and pinecones! Thus began my love of incorporating upcycled materials into my designs. They have their own story to tell and I feel the materials bring another layer of depth to my art with the richness of colors and textures they contribute.

Please tell us what inspires you as an artist?

Everything! I can be walking in the neighborhood and see lines painted on the roads and visualize a wall hanging. Organic colors from nature inspire a lot of color combinations that I wouldn’t think to put together in one design. And just seeing other art mediums such as sculpture and visualizing them in a fiber format really gets me excited to create. Sometimes everything comes together and I love it. And then sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s ok. There are no failures. Your art can only grow from all your experiences and that’s why I love creating!   

What is your favorite part of Whimsical Women or your favorite memory?

I love that it celebrates all women and features their arts and crafts. It’s a unique blend of women artists who support each other and everyone’s talents. But I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day is talking to everyone and seeing all the new and familiar faces stoping by to say hey. Love that!

Please share with us ways we could see more of your artwork or where we could purchase your pieces?

Everyone can find my designs in my Etsy shop, fishwarp, at, on Instagram @fishwarpnow and on Facebook at

Pam is just one of the talented artists that make up the Whimsical Women community

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